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Week Ahead Oct 11- 18, 2019

Check dates carefully. They are based on 2019-20 Sun sign changes.

Pisces- March 14-April 15: HC 11,12,13 gives you extra energy for the weekend. Use your time in the spotlight well. People will especially remember what you say and do through Nov 11. Adjust your communications accordingly.

Aries - April 15- May 15: Different isn’t always bad. But sometimes it is a wolf in sheep clothing, and that is very bad. Keep an open mind but verify claims, etc. HC 14,15,16 use extra energy to use what you know to do the best you can.

Taurus - May 15-June 15: Everything is easier to accomplish and create until Nov 10, including nonsense. Separate from what or who is hindering you from your priorities. HC 16,17,18 commit to cut out one bad thing.

Gemini - June 15-July 15: Use any pressure you feel to impress everyone with the best of you. Be specific in your intentions for the best generalized affect. Obey the rules! HC 18,19,20 use extra energy for fun after work.

Cancer- July 15-Aug 17:  See no evil. Speak no evil. And changing up the old saying a bit- Do no evil. You can agree to disagree quietly or be courageous enough to say you won’t go there. Either way, keep to the high road.

Leo- Aug 17- Sep 17: Work with public sentiment and within the framework of the law for a positive, lasting affect. You might not start to see incremental progress until mid-Nov. Keep on and remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Virgo - Sep 17-Oct 17 : LLC 11,12,13 eat right and get enough rest. Irritation should be your guide to change. Fix what is broken first, then what’s about to break. Clarify your goals. Then write out plans so your goals become reality.

Libra - Oct 17- Nov 16:  Good time to buy items to beatify, get a fresh haircut or spruce up your wardrobe. Keep in mind you are also in a close out phase and must let go of things you no longer need. LLC 14,15,16 eat right and get enough rest. 

Scorpio- Nov 17 - Dec 16: One last grab this month at something new and shiny or the next level of opportunity, is yours to take. LLC 16,17 eat right, get enough rest and refuse to be discouraged. The sun rises every morning.

Sagittarius- Dec 16- Jan 14: Social protocols, formal rules and the law must be followed to accomplish what you want to do. Use pressure to inspire you to be your best. LLC 18,19,20 eat right and get enough rest.

Capricorn - Jan 14-Feb 13: It’s so much easier to make things happen, both good and bad. Be especially conscious of your intentions, and if you are working your priorities or someone else’s agenda. Choose to stay on the high road.

Aquarius- Feb 13- March 14: Let people gather to help you. You can hear advice, then decide if you want to take it. A good deal can be appreciated even if you don’t want it. Decide to enjoy travel, even if it’s a commute. Think you notes work wonders beyond the day. 

What’s this?

These horoscopes are written for the sidereal sun signs using the stars and not the seasons for calculation.

It’s helpful to read your sidereal rising sign if you know it.

HC and LLC are abbreviations for High Cycle and Lay Low Cycle. These days don’t guarantee things will go well or worse, but are more of an indication of your personal physical and emotional operational levels. Back in the day, we used to call these biorhythms.

Mercury Retrograde is Nov 1- 21 starting in 3 degrees Scorpio and going back to 17 Libra. Sidereal Earth and Fire will feel the brunt. Read more about it in Sidereal FAQ