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Week Ahead Sep 20-27, 2019

Check dates carefully. They are based on 2019-20 Sun sign changes.

Pisces- March 14-April 15: Everything we see is a reflection of what we are thinking and how we are living. Sometimes, like now through Oct for you, we can change what we don’t like quicker. Decide to be your best, then sound like it and act like it.

Aries- April 15-May 15: It’s easy to work with others through the 25th. Expect adjustments and big compromises if you wait until the 30th. Hard lessons teach us the most. Recognize patterns. Try first to learn from others mistakes instead of your own.

Taurus - May 15-June 15: HC 20,21 use your energy to do more. Your added pressure lets off steam soon. Communicate quickly, or at least on time.  Work with women to bring something to fruition. Men will help separate you from something.

Gemini - June 15-July 15: HC 21,22,23 tie up loose ends. You want to be ready for the call after the 25th. An opportunity may cost you more than it's worth. Think it through first. Then choose a course of action that will make you proud.

Cancer- July 15-Aug 17:  Pay attention to not only what is said, but what is done. Read the writing on the wall as well as the fine print. Post warning signs or tell someone what you know. HC 23,24,25 be someone’s hero.

Leo- Aug 17- Sep 17: Be careful to avoid accidents or troubles caused by misinformation through the 26th. Goals should be fleshed out with plans. A new two year chapter has begun for you. HC 25,26,27 have some fun.

Virgo - Sep 17-Oct 17 : You don’t have to forget the past, but you’ve got to let it go so you can focus on the here and now. If you feel irritation, use it to change something from the inside out. Beautify your environment, wardrobe and self.

Libra - Oct 17- Nov 16:  Learn from the mistakes of others, so you don’t have to suffer unnecessarily. Observe and respect patterns. Start ridding yourself of things, responsibilities or people you won’t be taking into your near future. 

Scorpio- Nov 17 - Dec 16: LLC 20,21 eat right and get enough rest. Pressure drops after the 25th. Again, sort through opportunities, choosing the best ones for you. Make steady noticeable progress through Oct. by doing something each day.

Sagittarius- Dec 16- Jan 14: Check the details to see if things really add up. LLC 21,22,23 eat right and get enough rest. Hear or read what someone else’s experience has been. Respect final answers and people with firsthand experience. 

Capricorn - Jan 14-Feb 13: Women can be especially helpful bringing things together. Men with clearing out what is no longer needed. Hear someone out; you could be able to help. LLC 23,24,25 eat right, get enough rest and let someone help you.

Aquarius- Feb 13- March 14: If is sounds too easy, too good or too far off the mark, walk away. Learn from someone else’s  experience. LLC 25,26,27 eat right and get enough rest, remembering excess is never the best plan. 

What’s this?

These horoscopes are written for the sidereal sun signs using the stars and not the seasons for calculation.

It’s helpful to read your sidereal rising sign if you know it.

HC and LLC are abbreviations for High Cycle and Lay Low Cycle. These days don’t guarantee things will go well or worse, but are more of an indication of your personal physical and emotional operational levels. Back in the day, we used to call these biorhythms.

Mercury Retrograde is Nov 1- 21 starting in 3 degrees Scorpio and going back to 17 Libra. Sidereal Earth and Fire will feel the brunt. Read more about it in Sidereal FAQ