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The weekly horoscopes by Debs the Horoscopes Lady is updated each Friday.  Debs, a.k.a. Deb Dillard, is a sidereal astrologer and uses the sidereal zodiac.  This means she sees the sky and planets as astronomers.  It is astrology by the stars.  So, double check the dates provided for the twelve constellations below.  Debs the Horoscopes Lady

Weekly Horoscopes Highlights Oct 17-23, 2014

  • Sun in Libra with Saturn looking at bare bones, then Libra shows up and fleshes out the options. Mars moves to Sagittarius with Pluto with focus on the sports, justice and education arenas and the Big Dogs go into action. Jupiter in Cancer; thoughts of mom, home and lots of comfort foods make us happy. Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius and we weep for man's inhumanity. Uranus in Pisces making for troubled waters
  • Mercury Retrograde Oct 4 to 26 , and there is a kernel of good in every mistake. It's great for advertizing and selling, not so much for buying. Communications, travels, commerce and electronics have hiccups. Be very clear when giving and receiving instructions. Good time practicing patience and graciousness when those around you goof
  • Partial Solar Eclipse Oct 23 in 6 Libra 20 will be tougher on those of us with Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn Sun signs, Moons or personal points like the Ascendant or Midheaven. Retrograde Mercury is close by conjunct the North Node and opposed Uranus. Something, some situation or some relationship has run its course. Clear your minds, your plate, eat a lot of root vegetables and other grounding foods. Know and accept that everything has a season
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Weekly horoscopes for you, your friend and loved ones by Astrologer Deb Dillard for all twelve sun signs.

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Oct 16-Nov 16 

Libra - The Sun moves to your Sign, shining on your activities. Friends rally around, and invitations should come fast and furious when Venus gets to Libra tomorrow. Mistakes and loss can mar even the best day, but then again, those are the situations that build character. HC 23,24,25 coincides with a loss. Chin up.

Nov 16-Dec 15 

Scorpio - Pressure drops off, but so does the attention. Say what you need to say today before people become preoccupied with something else. Mistakes still plaque the days. Losses for you may include relationships, transportation issues or something of sentimental value. This is the stuff that builds character.

Dec 15-Jan 14 

Sagittarius - Spotlight is on you, your programs and wants. If you can wait until Mercury goes Direct, see above, to launch something new. Give yourself time to think about what you want to do and where you want to be in two years. Don't wait until a door slams shut to explore your op tions.

Jan 14-Feb 12 

Capricorn - LLC 16,17 eat right and get enough rest. Mistakes abound for one more week. A loss is troubling, but not insurmountable. We are not defined by what happens to us or around us, but by how we respond to what happens. Reaching out to others or accepting invitations is useful as long as the cost isn't too high.

Feb 12-Mar 14 

Aquarius - LLC 18,19,20 get enough rest and eat right. Pressure drops off and people actually become more agreeable to well thought out plans. Momentum builds, especially in another week, and real progress is made. Now is the time to begin phasing out of something, area, habit or chapter of your life.

Mar 14-Apr 13 

Pisces - Decisions have been made and you must act. Make sure you have all the information and have full awareness of possible complications or benefits. Move forward with confidence in a week, even if you stumble, there should be someone to help you up. LLC 20,21,22 eat right and get enough rest.

Apr 13-May 14 

Aries - People will help in the way they can if you give them a chance. A loss brings folks together, but it shouldn't stop there. Lead the way to repair relationships or prevent future events. Mistakes teach us how to do something better, even if it is simply being kinder. LLC 23,24,25 eat right and get enough sleep.

May 14-Jun 14 

Taurus - Spotlight swivels to another part of the stage. Gives you time over the next six weeks to make needed adjustments. You won't have to do the two steps forward, one step back shuffle in a week. Make sure paperwork is in order. A loss gives you pause to reflect. Fix what you can. Leave alone what you can't.

Jun 14-Jul 16 

Gemini - Spotlight swivels to you. You have a chance during the next six weeks to prove your plan or point. The good news is everyone notices what you do and say. The bad news is everyone notices what you do and say. Apologize when you make a mistake, fix it and move on. Be kind when others stumble.

Jul 16-Aug 16 

Cancer - HC 17,18 gives you energy for the weekend. An adjustment period starts. Over the next six weeks, it's a good time to research or experiment to see different results. A loss makes you think and perhaps feel differently. Do something with those thoughts or feelings. Change to make something better.

Aug 16-Sep 16 

Leo - HC 18,19,20 gives you energy to tackle most anything. But you may just want to enjoy the company of others. People are more important than things. The next six weeks you can progress most any project you focus your attention and energy. Be inclusive, even if it takes a little longer to complete.

Sep 16-Oct 16 

Virgo - Take time to listen as well as speak to others. Then do something fun with them, so it isn't just work, work, work! Desires are the dynamite that move and shake the world, but by itself, a desire is useless. HC 20 ,21,22 use all the components necessary to blast yourself into the next phase.

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