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The weekly horoscopes by Debs the Horoscopes Lady is updated each Friday.  Debs, a.k.a. Deb Dillard, is a sidereal astrologer and uses the sidereal zodiac.  This means she sees the sky and planets as astronomers.  It is astrology by the stars.  So, double check the dates provided for the twelve constellations below.  Debs the Horoscopes Lady

Weekly Horoscopes Highlights March 27-April 3, 2015

  • Sun in Pisces with Uranus and the oft forgotten South Node and loss feels very personal. Mars in Aries and it's great for sports or anyone looking for a fight. Jupiter in Cancer and we should be ready to stand up for mom, apple pie and country. Saturn alone in Scorpio is just plain depressing. The North Node in Virgo plays part in the Solar Eclipse, see below. Pluto in Sagittarius keeps changing social values. Mercury, Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius and reactionary ideas or knee-jerk reactions abound
  • Lunar Eclipse  April 4 in Virgo, will set off the last losses from the Uranus-Pluto square from March 16. See below
  • Uranus square Pluto exact March 16 again. A movie house in Aurora, Colorado, Sandy H ook Elementary School, Charlie's Office in London, and several other unforeseen good-for-nothing events. This time it was a mass shooting at a museum in Tunisia and the lunatic in Mesa, Arizona on the 19th was all the Uranus-Pluto. The depressed pilot who deliberately flew into a mountain taking the innocent with him was the Solar Eclipse in Pisces on March 20
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Mar 14-Apr 13 

Pisces - Speak up and talk with people in authority or have influence. Get in touch and spend soul searching time with your creator. After everything is said and done, you have your integrity, your deeds and your reputation. All else can be replaced or honored. Eat root vegetables, grounding foods and be ready for anything.

Apr 13-May 14 

Aries - Keep your temper and you've accomplished a great thing. Have some fun, but not excessively. Realize that if you are going to sway a group, you must be part of it or at least be willing to give back. Goals are nothing without plans. Put your noggin to it and figure out how you are getting from point A to point B.

May 14-Jun 14 

Taurus - Clear up. Clean out. And finish what you've began. You are going to start something new soon and you'll have to give something up to do it. Figure out what isn't important anymore and hand it over to someone else. Do as much as you can early in the week. Things get busy as the week progresses.

Jun 14-Jul 16 

Gemini - HC 27,28 do as much as you can! Interruptions affect everyone, directly or indirectly. The weather doesn't have to dampen your enthusiasm even if it hinders what is going on around you. The next 6 weeks, accomplish much by bringing folks together, accepting help when offered or seizing the moment.

Jul 16-Aug 16 

Cancer - HC 28,29,30 make hay while the sun shines. And if it's raining where you are, make good use of the water. Communicate effectively by letting others have their say or responding immediately to requests/ Pass on opportunities or knowledge to others. Associate with leaders or spiritual mentors.

Aug 16-Sep 16 

Leo - Let women be helpful or simply get out of the way so they can get something done. Passively witness or take an active role as something new happens. The energy is in the air. Be part of it, or enjoy the parade as it passes. HC 31,1,2 put to good use which includes balanced play as well as work.

Sep 16-Oct 16 

Virgo - Its how we deal with loss, in its many forms, that makes our character. It even determines our relationships and our path afterwards. Give yourself time to think and more importantly reflect. Knee jerk reactions won't do you any good in the long run. Finish processing the past so you can move into the future. LLC 2,3,4 eat right and rest.

Oct 16-Nov 16 

Libra - Don't be tempted this week to put too much on your plate. A loss of some kind affects your schedule or, more dramatically, your future. You are in the spotlight now. People notice what you say, do and even your intentions. Be your best. And when you aren't, own it, fix it and get on with the day.

Nov 16-Dec 15 

Scorpio - Prepare and make adjustments. You are gearing up for something good and it won't happen by magic. Although you can make it look easy, you know its everything underneath the pinnacle that makes it look so good at the top. Loss cause s us to pause, take that time to reflect.

Dec 15-Jan 13 

Sagittarius - LLC 27,27 eat right and get enough rest. When two or more are gathered for a common purpose, something greater than the sum of two parts happens. Working with others is the way. Trying to do it by yourself or not learning from the past is an accident waiting to happen.

Jan 13-Feb 12 

Capricorn - LLC 28,29,30 eat right and get enough rest. There are things happening that require a quick mind and energy to spare. The pressure is on, but you can use it to spur you on, not steamroll your efforts. Prioritize and do what you do best: organize and then manifest. And have fun while you are at it.

Feb 12-Mar 14 

Aquarius - Although Aquarius is the Water Bearer, you guys are really a thoughtful group. What you can see in your mind, and plan out, you can make manifest and have it stick. Your biggest hurdle maybe thinking your way is the best and only way. Consider other's imput. LLC 31,1,2 eat right and get enough rest.

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