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The weekly horoscopes by Debs the Horoscopes Lady is updated each Friday.  Debs, a.k.a. Deb Dillard, is a sidereal astrologer and uses the sidereal zodiac.  This means she sees the sky and planets as astronomers.  It is astrology by the stars.  So, double check the dates provided for the twelve constellations below.  Debs the Horoscopes Lady

Weekly Horoscopes Highlights Jan 30-Feb 6, 2015

  • Sun in Capricorn  joining Venus and Mercury and we all get a bit more conservative. Venus joins Mars and Neptune in Aquarius, who was originally ruled (and still is) by Saturn, and the people unite over common ideas. Uranus in Pis ces making for troubled waters. Jupiter in Cancer; thoughts of mom, home and lots of comfort foods make us happy. Saturn alone in Scorpio is just plain depressing
  • Mercury is Retrograde in Capricorn, Jan 22 through Feb 12. Time to go back to finish projects or redo what isn't working quite right. There will be mistakes and misprints aplenty. Double and Triple check everything. Be gracious and forgiving when others mess up. Your turn will come
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Jan 13-Feb 12 

Capricorn - Admit your mistakes and don't mention anyone else's. Accept that you will have to re-do something, or push back a date or scrap a plan completely. LLC 2,3,4 eat right, get enough rest and avoid finalizing plans. Communications can be important or meaningful without being intense.

Feb 12-Mar 14 

Aquarius - Avoid dropping down rabbit holes or you may have an Alice in Wonderland week. They are power plays, and someone being mean for no obvious reason. Forgiveness that comes with strings attached may not be worth the peace. LLC 4,5,6 eat right, get enough rest and put off judgment.

Mar 14-Apr 13 

Pisces - Closing out a chapter is usually bittersweet. We hate letting go when we fear falling. Put it away, pack it up or give it to someone else. You can't be ready for your new life if you live in the past. And you can carry the best parts in your heart. LLC 7,8,9 count your blessing and welcome your new chapter that begins mid-February.

Apr 13-May 14 

Aries - Mistakes are the moments that give us experience and gain wisdom. Stop laughing. It's true. It just doesn't feel that way when the repercussions are booming. Be quick to correct, forgive and move on. Be alert in all situations. Check and double check. Offer comfort or graciously avoid a topic.

May 14-Jun 14 

Taurus - Consider the source or ideas, requests or suggestions before you decide. Trustworthy isn't the same as experienced. But then again, motives are key. If need be, plan for long term results by using short term solutions now. Keep what has worked, let go what hasn't. Check , double check and give it another glance before you proceed.

Jun 14-Jul 16 

Gemini - HC 30,31,1 is time to tackle anything that requires extra effort. Mercury Retrograde may cause you to re-do or proceed with caution, but forge ahead while the energy is good. Work with others to create something more than you can by yourself. Be inclusive even if it means going a little slower at first.

Jul 16-Aug 16 

Cancer - HC 2,3,4 gives you energy, doesn't make you mistake proof. Learn from the mistakes of others if you can, be gracious as you help them clean up the mess. Leave it alone if they want some privacy. Allow others to lend you a helping hand. Invite someone for a cup of tea and let hospitality work its magic.

Aug 16-Sep 16 

Leo - How we deal with mistakes defines us. Obviously "blame and shame" don't do anyone any good. It isn't your job to convince anyone of this. Model grace, dignity and forgiveness and the whole situation improves. HC 4 ,5,6 put yourself out there. You are especially heard, seen and remembered until mid-February.

Sep 16-Oct 16 

Virgo - If you keep a running list, you can see how far you've progressed on a project or in a day. This will put in perspective all the setbacks or fires that needed immediate attention that have clogged your day like fast food does your arteries . Work with others, check and double check everything and give it your all during your HC 7,8,9.

Oct 16-Nov 16 

Libra - Mistakes are only as big as you make them. Correct what you can or do something to make sure a problem doesn't repeat, then move on. Reconsider then recommit or revise choices, goals or plan of action you made last July and August. Your future must be your choice. If not, you won't have your heart or head in it.

Nov 16-Dec 15 

Scorpio - You are responsible for a good deal right now, but probably not everything that is being laid at your feet. A ccept what you are answerable for and do it to the best of your ability. Delegate or flat out refuse to be involved everything else . Self preservation is paramount so you can give and contribute the most to your family, community and society.

Dec 15-Jan 13 

Sagittarius - Slow progress is better than a fast mistake. Sure, Mercury Retrograde is causing some challenges, but you have the time and tools to iron out those wrinkles. Starting in mid-February people/organizations are going to expect certain things from you. Put yourself in position to deliver now!

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