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The weekly horoscopes by Debs the Horoscopes Lady is updated each Friday.  Debs, a.k.a. Deb Dillard, is a sidereal astrologer and uses the sidereal zodiac.  This means she sees the sky and planets as astronomers.  It is astrology by the stars.  So, double check the dates provided for the twelve constellations below.  Debs the Horoscopes Lady

Weekly Horoscopes Highlights Aug 29- Sep 5, 2014
Happy Labor Day !
  • Sun in Leo basking in the Sep sunshine. North Node and Mercury in Virgo talking about desires for a harvest that the seeds may not have been sown . Mars and Saturn in Libra; justice is heavy handed. Then Mars moves home to Scorpio on the 4th and the greater good may sacrifice personal needs. Jupiter and Venus in Cancer; thoughts of mom, home and lots of comfort foods make us happy. Pluto in Sagittarius is changing laws and philosophies. Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius and we weep for man's inhumanity. Uranus in Pisces making for troubled waters
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Weekly horoscopes for you, your friend and loved ones by Astrologer Deb Dillard for all twelve sun signs.

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Aug 16-Sep 16 

Leo - Good time to purchase personal items, clothing and even things to spruce up your environment. Pressure to produce, perform or make changes can improve your status, health and financial status if seen with a positive light. Ignore other types of pressure. Everybody is selling something; you don't have to buy.

Sep 16-Oct 16 

Virgo - Communications pick up and everyone is telling you or asking you. Respond quickly if you've the answer. Give yourself time to respond if you aren't sure or haven't made up your mind. If it isn't falling into place easily, forcing it won't make a better fit. Invest time, effort and money in that order.

Oct 16-Nov 16 

Libra - HC 29,30,31 is a great boost of energy for the long weekend. Are you spending enough time and effort to meet your commitments and your goals? Shift your schedule making time where you need it. Make plans, have meetings early in the week. The pressure drops off after the 4 th and you've begun a new 2 year adventure.

Nov 16-Dec 15 

Scorpio - Put to rest some project or chapter of your life. You start fresh at the end of this week. Keep your eyes on the prize! Avoid argument and a fool hardy approach. Realize where you are and see where you want to be in 2 years. HC 1,2,3 commit only to things that belong to the larger picture.

Dec 15-Jan 14 

Sagittarius - Good month to give up a bad habit. Ready yourself for your new lease on life in Nov. by closing out some phase or project now. Work with others in the spirit of camaraderie. Impress others favorably with sincerity and a good work ethic. People listen to people they respect. HC 3,4,5 plan something fun.

Jan 14-Feb 12 

Capricorn - Paperwork must be filed in time and correctly. Pressure drops after this week. Prepare your surroundings for the season. Spend a little more for guaranteed quality. Without taking foolish risks or doing too much too fast, step up your physical activity. You go from strength to strength ending with a HC 5 ,6,7.

Feb 12-Mar 14 

Aquarius - Feel like a square peg in a round hole? Find a few square pegs to hang with or comfort when they feel splintered. Socialize without overindulging. When in Rome, do as the Romans without compromising your integrity. People expect more of you after this week. Use the pressure to step up your performance.

Mar 14-Apr 13 

Pisces - New experiences and opportunities keep coming your way. Ask for clarification or outright assistance if really needed. Rules change and boundaries shift, so a course of action may have to be revised one more week. Then things start to settle into a more predictable pattern. A decision (or two) is reached.

Apr 13-May 14 

Aries - LLC 29,30,31 shake off feelings of isolation by consorting with like minds. As the climate changes, change with it. Expect minimal disruptions as the norm and keep moving forward. Keep conversation and ideas flowing. Agree to disagree after someone has had their say. You learn by listening.

May 14-Jun 14 

Taurus - LLC 1,2,3 eat and sleep well. Yes, it is okay to curl up with a book or watch a good movie after you've completed your Must Do list. And you have some definite Must Do items that need attention before you have everyone's attention. You have all Sep to prove your plan or for promotion.

Jun 14-Jul 16 

Gemini - Make changes or push through a plan before the 4th. Go ov er and above with courtesies. You may consider power struggles as the norm, but you can rethink your strategy when you feel one coming on. Critical thinking, not comments, are what is needed. LLC 3,4,5 eat right and get enough rest.

Jul 16-Aug 16 

Cancer - Get headshots, socialize, buy personal items before Monday. The pressure drops off after the 4 th. View any stumbling blocks as stepping stones before then. The more you prepare and make sure it is correct now, the easier Sep and Oct will be. Do what you can as soon as you can, you slow down for a LLC 5,6,7.

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