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The weekly horoscopes by Debs the Horoscopes Lady is updated each Friday.  Debs, a.k.a. Deb Dillard, is a sidereal astrologer and uses the sidereal zodiac.  This means she sees the sky and planets as astronomers.  It is astrology by the stars.  So, double check the dates provided for the twelve constellations below.  Debs the Horoscopes Lady

Weekly Horoscopes Highlights June 26 - July 3, 2015

  • Sun in Gemini with Mars and everyone takes sides quickly. Venus in Cancer along with Jupiter say sentimentality or pulling the hearts strings are a must for communication. Saturn alone in Scorpio is just plain depressing. The North Node in Virgo doesn't guarantee a good harvest. Pluto in Sagittarius keeps changing social values. Neptune and Chiron in Aquarius and blurred lines hurt more than feelings. Uranus in Pisces can't do as much damage by his lonesome. Mer cury in Taurus and plain speech make s the most sense and cents
  • Mars opposes Pluto Gemini to Sagittarius, exact July 15 but the effects have started already in SC. Something outrageous or completely unexpected in word or deed that forces us all to rethink or reactivate. Shadows are cast long and wide
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Weekly horoscopes for you, your friend and loved ones by Astrologer Deb Dillard for all twelve sun signs.

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Jun 14-Jul 16 

Gemini - Your LLC 30,1,2 may cause you to skew memories of what should be a most eventful week. Tackle tasks that call for repeating efforts or meticulous attention. Give your time and talents to help others without unnecessary risks for your person or finances. How you act and what you say are remembered.

Jul 16-Aug 16 

Cancer - In some ways you stop second guessing yourself and the head clears. In another part of your life confusion or lack of focus is like a fog preventing you from seeing what's right in front of you. Be ready to make quick adjustments as more information is realized. LLC 3,4 not the best days for meetings.

Aug 16-Sep 16 

Leo - Do the detailed work, obtain or give information before Wed if you can. Mistakes are less frequent and less costly for everyone, but you still need to measure twice so you only have to cut once through July. Restless energy could be used effectively. You begin to wrap something up, so you can start something new in earnest by September.

Sep 16-Oct 16 

Virgo - Mistakes are fewer and farther between by mid-week. Decisions seem to stick better too. Any electronic, machine or paperwork that needs your attention can be completed so you can safely move on to the next project. Bite of projects in small pieces. LLC 26,27,28 eat right, get enough rest and forgive stupid remarks.

Oct 16-Nov 16 

Libra - HC 26 ,27,28 make the most of your days. And that can mean socializing, being out and about, but avoid over spending or indulging! The exact combination of factors depends on what you've been up to. The dreams that come true or illumination of possibilities show your best efforts. You still have time for good work to be done through the end of July.

Nov 16-Dec 15 

Scorpio - HC 28,29,30 gives you the energy to easier finish a task or two. The mistakes of the last three weeks point to areas that need adjusting or improving. Do it while the experience is fresh in your mind. Opportunities that are just a bit beyond your reach can be accessed in time with personal change.

Dec 15-Jan 13 

Sagittarius - A triumph and a rewarding opportunity will mark good work you've done for the last year or so. Conflict or arrogance and a sense of entitlement means you've been way off the mark for some time. HC 30 ,1,2 review, see the good and the not so good. You've got a little time to make it right or simply be gracious.

Jan 13-Feb 12 

Capricorn - As mistakes or consequences smooth out and things get to running normal, take a moment to review what still needs to change or adjust. Accept it. HC 2,4. roll up your sleeves with a smile, the next 4 weeks adjustments or a change in plans must be made. Focus on what you need to do for a better outcome.

Feb 12-Mar 14 

Aquarius - A reality check before a dreams-come-true is declared. Hold fast to your ideals, knowing that the format may be different than you imagined. Be careful of losing money, items or something more important. Not everyone has your best interests at heart. You can get much accomplished over the next 5 weeks if you stick to a plan.

Mar 14-Apr 13 

Pisces - Socialize, reach out to people close to your heart and let the ones you care about know how you feel. Have a meal or cup of coffee with someone just to catch up with each other! What you do not have to do is spend more money than time. Time is the investment that always, and in all ways, pays off.

Apr 13-May 14 

Aries - LLC 26,27,28 eat right and get enough rest. By the end of the week, you'll be jumping through hoop s easily. Realize opportunities to increase effectiveness. Put your personal touch on a situation or event. See your opportunities and seize them. Negotiate or pitch a project, person or product with confidence.

May 14-Jun 14 

Taurus - LLC 28,29,30 eat right, get enough rest and bite your tongue if necessary. If you feel you haven't made enough progress then step it up a bit. While you wait for others, keep yourself occupied with positive actions. Little wrinkles get ironed out with a little bit of effort. Organize what you have so you know where you are.

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