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Week Ahead Sep14 - 21, 2018

Mar 14-Apr 13 Sun Sign Sidereal Pisces

Pisces- The folks in charge want things done the right way. So do it. It’s much easier that way. Meet with and get commitments from women before the first week of Oct. If you can do it now, then try another avenue.

Apr 13-May 14 Sun Sign Sidereal Aries

Aries - A person’s values show up in how they spend their time and money. Watch and learn. There is an opportunity that tests what you say you want, and what you are willing to do for it. Change your mind if the total cost is too high.

May 14-Jun 14 Sun Sign Sidereal Taurus

Taurus -   LLC 14,15,16 eat right and get enough rest.There are several more weeks you can make great strides if you just keep at it every day. Your actions and environment should match your values, or something has to change. 

Jun 14-Jul 16 Sun Sign Sidereal Gemini

Gemini -Keep making adjustments through the first week in Nov, then like Baby Bear, it will be just right. LLC 17,18,19 eat right and get enough rest. Wait until you have the energy to challenge folks with authority.

Jul 16-Aug 16 Sun Sign Sidereal Cancer

Cancer - Be absolutely sure you want something you have to make great changes to have. It may be just the thing that brings you to the next level, or it may a wasteful distraction to your goals. You have to decide. LLC 19,20,21 eat right and get enough sleep.

Aug 16-Sep 16 Sun Sign Sidereal Leo

Leo - Fall in with the crowd that takes the high road. Use reason with emotion to sway opinions. Emotion alone can compel us to take a long walk off a short pier. Do what you can early in the week. LLC 21,22,23 eat right and get enough sleep.

Sep 16-Oct 16 Sun Sign Sidereal Virgo

Virgo -It’s time again to think about your yearly goals. Messages come quickly and with some passion. Ignore hurtful words, and don’t stoop to them yourself. It only gets in the way of what needs to be said.

Oct 16-Nov 16 Sun Sign Sidereal Libra

Libra -Use your charm for a greater good. Bring folks together to achieve more than you or a couple of people could alone. Change your personal space, appearance and social group to reflect your expanding values.

Nov 16-Dec 15 Sun Sign Sidereal Scorpio

Scorpio -HC 14,15,16 fill your dance card. Agree to disagree if you have to make some peace. Arguments about small stuff only steals our time. Do what you can to set yourself and your family up for success.

Dec 15-Jan 14 Sun Sign Sidereal Sagittarius

Sagittarius - Stay steadfast to your goals. Hard to do if you aren’t seeing the progress you expected, but then again, by staying at it diligently is the only way to make progress. HC 17,18,19 use your extra energy well.

Jan 14-Feb 12 Sun Sign Sidereal Capricorn

Capricorn - Let irritation show you what you need to change. Check your desires against your bliss list. Do you really want the things someone told you should want? HC 19,20,21 fill your days with joy and purpose.

Feb 12-Mar 14 Sun Sign Sidereal Aquarius

Aquarius -Keep letting go until you are free of anything that keeps you in the past. Your future depends on it. Let someone else have the things you’ve outgrown. HC 21,22,23 be social , beautify your surroundings.

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