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Week Ahead April 19-26, 2019

Check dates carefully. They are based on 2019-20 Sun sign changes.

Pisces- March 14-April 15: Communicate from the heart, but think about when you want to say it. Until next Nov, many opportunities are offered. Choose the ones that make sense now and for your future. Let the past, good and bad, stay in the past.

Aries- April 15-May 15: LLC 19,20 eat right and get enough sleep. You’ll have to think and move fast when the unexpected happens. Keep the course to accomplish your new goals. Little adjustments can make big course changes.

Taurus - May 15-June 15: Like a bull, you can’t see where you’re going if your head is down and you are charging ahead. Trade pawing the ground for a lively tap dance and you’ll feel better. LLC 21,22,23 eat right and get enough rest.

Gemini - June 15-July 15: Let go and let God handle it. Seriously. Also let go of things you’ve outgrown, no longer need or are just broke. LLC 23,24,25 eat right and get enough sleep. Make adjustments until Nov to set up opportunities.

Cancer- July 15-Aug 17: Play nice with the other kids! Work with pecking orders and protocol. You can do so much more when everyone wants either the same thing, or wishes you well in your endeavors. LLC 25,26,27 eat right and get enough rest.

Leo- Aug 17- Sep 17: Balance in everything will carry you through stressful situations. People only have the power over you that you give them. Let go and let God handle the big and little things. Then you are free to enjoy your life.

Virgo - Sep 17-Oct 17 : You’ve got two weeks to make tremendous progress in work or enriching an are of your life that needs tending. Gardens grow best with attention as do many areas of our lives. Doors will open again next November.

Libra - Oct 17- Nov 16:HC 19,20 be sensitive to another’s feelings. Expect the unexpected. Be ready to make quick decisions. Then you can continue to make adjustments in a more leisurely fashion for the next two weeks. 

Scorpio- Nov 17 - Dec 16: HC 21,22,23 Doors swing wide open again! You have until next Nov to sample from the buffet of opportunities. You can certainly try new things but don’t try everything!  It never digests well. You are still in the spotlight.

Sagittarius- Dec 16- Jan 14:We can’t always choose what we lose, but when we can - do it! Prepare for opportunities coming your way next Nov and beyond. HC 23,24,25 teach old dogs new tricks when the treat is worth it.

Capricorn - Jan 14-Feb 13: A change in plans is easier to deal with when you have a Plan B in your head. You have a couple of weeks to make great strides relatively easily. Be prepared to give up something to do it. HC 25,26,27 schedule in some fun.

Aquarius- Feb 13- March 14: Say thank you when mistakes are pointed out, no matter how they are mentioned. If you know, you can fix it. Opportunities that knock too loud, might be more trouble than they are worth. Decide carefully your next move.

What’s this?

These horoscopes are written for the sidereal sun signs using the stars and not the seasons for calculation.

It’s helpful to read your sidereal rising sign if you know it.

HC and LLC are abbreviations for High Cycle and Lay Low Cycle. These days don’t guarantee things will go well or worse, but are more of an indication of your personal physical and emotional operational levels. Back in the day, we used to call these biorhythms.