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Weekly Horoscopes April 21- 28, 2017 

Mar 14-Apr 13 Sun Sign Sidereal Pisces

Pisces-  Talk with more experienced individuals, or if thats you, offer wise council. There is a season for everything, and it may be time for you to go from one to another. HC 23,24,25 use the extra energy well. You may be the shoulder someone needs to lean on. Bemore kind than necessary.

Apr 13-May 14 Sun Sign Sidereal Aries

Aries - Try not to take mistakes personally. Mistakes are really just that. Ask permission or advice from someone in authority. Be careful when traveling, using machinery or around electricity. Unexpected news might not need a response, its just for you to know. HC 25,26,27 use the extra energy wisely.

May 14-Jun 14 Sun Sign Sidereal Taurus

Taurus -  It will soon be time to make the hard decisions. Write out the pros and cons of your activities, relationships and expenditures. You’ll have to cut out somethings in order to have others. HC 27,28,29 use extra energy wisely. Mistakes are our best teachers. Fix it and move on.

Jun 14-Jul 16 Sun Sign Sidereal Gemini

Gemini -  Mistakes are just another form of learning. Try to learn from other’s lessons and not go through it yourself. If you feel caught between a rock and a hard place, just stay still long enough to plan out your next steps. People with responsibility or authority expect certain things. Respect protocol.

Jul 16-Aug 16 Sun Sign Sidereal Cancer

Cancer - Changes come fast. You have to be ready to spin on a dime and head elsewhere. You are closing out of some chapter of your life over the next three months. Leave something or someplace better than you found. Avoid mistakes by checking once, twice and three times before you nod yes.

Aug 16-Sep 16 Sun Sign Sidereal Leo

Leo - LLC 21,22,23 eat right and get enough rest. Perspective may be a bit off; so wait until you know more or have time to think it over. Ask people with experience or in authority for advice. Mistakes can be annoying or great tools for change. Learn from other’s instead of going through the tough stuff yourself.

Sep 16-Oct 16 Sun Sign Sidereal Virgo

Virgo -Socializing is necessary for your health and well being. And you can do it without over spending. LLC 25,26,27 eat right and get enough rest. You can move forward and get the guys to help. But the authorities want your T(s )crossed and I(s) dotted. So do it. Know when to pick your battles.

Oct 16-Nov 16 Sun Sign Sidereal Libra

Libra - Go with the flow! Make adjustments as needed with no complaints and no excuses. Just fix what needs to be. Take the most reasonable detour that gets you back on your path quickly. LLC 25,26,27 eat right and get enough sleep. Learn from the mistakes of others.It will save you time and trouble.

Nov 16-Dec 15 Sun Sign Sidereal Scorpio

Scorpio -It’s easy to shine when the sun is shining and the breeze is fair; but its so much more impressive when life is tough and tough get going. Check and double check for mistakes.Don’t bark at others when they falter. Helping them is helping you. LLC 27,28,29 eat right and get enough rest

Dec 15-Jan 14 Sun Sign Sidereal Sagittarius

Sagittarius - Make adjustments as need. Mistakes can be your greatest teachers, especially if you are a quick learner. Be kind when someone goofs. It will be your turn soon enough. Accept that serendipity is around the corner. Opportunities are there for you if you accept the responsibility that goes along with them. 

Jan 14-Feb 12 Sun Sign Sidereal Capricorn

Capricorn - You simply have to accept there will be some bumps along the way. Go slow to avoid mistakes and having to repeat steps. Show kindness when others falter or don’t get out of your way quickly. You are setting yourself up for more good things. Are you ready for the responsibility involved?

Feb 12-Mar 14 Sun Sign Sidereal Aquarius

Aquarius - HC 21,22,23 you have more energy than most. Use it to untangle mistakes and make a rough road smooth for someone. Pressure increased, but that is no reason to rush through things. Use deadlines to energize you. Double check to make sure not only you, but that others are okay.  

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