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Weekly Horoscopes Feb 24 - March 3, 2017 

Mar 14-Apr 13 Sun Sign Sidereal Pisces

Pisces- Like Elvis sung “”I’m all shook up!”  Be careful to avoid accidents of all types, and strap yourself in to minimize someone else’s carelessness. Be especially careful around electricity. HC 27,28, 1 gives you energy. Look for a fresh start or freedom. Have your goals on paper and plans fleshed out.

Apr 13-May 14 Sun Sign Sidereal Aries

Aries - Learn from and work with people in charge or have experience. You can delegate everything but responsibility, so follow up in everything you are involved. Look before you leap, and be careful in small ways too.  Let go of the past. HC 1,2,3 marks the beginning of your next chapter.

May 14-Jun 14 Sun Sign Sidereal Taurus

Taurus -  Your values come under review shortly. It’s okay to change your mind and heart as you change roles, circumstances or simply gain experience. Be ready to shed the old and outgrown. March is all about letting go so you can begin anew. HC 3,4,5 roll up your sleeves and whistle while you work.

Jun 14-Jul 16 Sun Sign Sidereal Gemini

Gemini -  Watch and listen carefully. Help where you can and get others to pitch in as well.  Get out of the way when the situation calls for it. Men are less helpful after March 1. Women are less helpful after this week. So ask early and hope its done quickly. If not, you’ll have to do it yourself.

Jul 16-Aug 16 Sun Sign Sidereal Cancer

Cancer - LLC 24,25 eat right and get enough rest. Connect with others to make things happen. Document your results or at least your efforts. You’ll be pushed to do more or under scrutiny in March. So show what you know, what your best efforts produce and who you are at heart.

Aug 16-Sep 16 Sun Sign Sidereal Leo

Leo - LLC 25,26,28 eat right and get enough rest.Someone isn’t telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. A loss must be reckoned. It may just be a matter of letting go. Energy picks up and forward movement starts fresh in March. Connect with active and responsible people.

Sep 16-Oct 16 Sun Sign Sidereal Virgo

Virgo -Irritation or incentive? Someone wants you to do something and you can angrily dig your heels in or eagerly get moving. LLC 27,28,1 which ever you choose, you’’ll want to eat right and get enough rest. Be aware of your surroundings and cautious in your movements. Respond not react.

Oct 16-Nov 16 Sun Sign Sidereal Libra

Libra - Keep tweaking what you do or practice until its perfect. In March, you are in the spotlight. Use it to your advantage! LLC 1, 2, 3 eat right and get enough sleep. Let other’s know if you are no longer doing or working on something. Focus on your priories and do less things better.

Nov 16-Dec 15 Sun Sign Sidereal Scorpio

Scorpio -As loss has to be recognized or changes made because of it. You can glide by the end of Feb; starting March 1 the pressure goes up to complete or compete. Whatand who we gather around us this week, may change drastically in March. LLC 3,4,5 eat right and be rested.

Dec 15-Jan 14 Sun Sign Sidereal Sagittarius

Sagittarius - You’ll have the help you need more readily through March 5. You do have to be clear about what you expect or would like to see happen. Show that you are willing to do and follow through your responsibilities. Others will respond in kind or remember your good works.

Jan 14-Feb 12 Sun Sign Sidereal Capricorn

Capricorn - HC 24,25 you have energy to do a little extra each day. Pressure increases mid-week and goes though March. This could be self-induced, but someone has raised the bar. Do the big things first, beat deadlines, be polite, and your efforts should produce terrific results.

Feb 12-Mar 14 Sun Sign Sidereal Aquarius

Aquarius - HC 25, 26, 27 plan the days using your extra energy.  A loss has to be recognized and something changes. Your recently set goals are still on if you keep your eyes on the target and keep working the plan. Guard against theft or lies. Enjoy the arts or a spiritual respite.

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