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Week Ahead May17-24, 2019

Check dates carefully. They are based on 2019-20 Sun sign changes.

Pisces- March 14-April 15: Careless thoughts lead to careless words and actions. Forgive those who know not what they do. Ask for forgiveness if you are the one who wasn’t thinking. The view is different from a higher perspective, figuratively and literally.

Aries- April 15-May 15: LLC 17,18 eat right and get enough rest. Then prepare yourself for unexpected society  or an experience not quite planned. New wounds are quick to heal if treated immediately. And old scars can heal with the right treatment.

Taurus - May 15-June 15: LLC 18,19,20 eat right and get enough rest. Stay on top of communications. Speak quietly and have as much influence and impact as someone who shouts. Make travel or business plans.

Gemini - June 15-July 15: Keep your temper. Look before you leap. LLC 20,21,22 eat right and get enough rest. Pain can make us act inappropriately. Forgive and apologize quickly, depending on which side you are at the moment.

Cancer- July 15-Aug 17: A surprise visit or an unexpected situation can through you off kilter. Or it can be like a beam of light, showing you something you ought to see. LLC 23,24, 25 eat right and get enough rest.

Leo- Aug 17- Sep 17: It may not be the information you want, especially if it concerns a purchase, travel, education or someone you respect; but now that you have it, you can decide or take action. Be sure your desires are really yours.

Virgo - Sep 17-Oct 17 : If the mob becomes unruly, don’t ry to reason with them. If you cast your pearls before swine, the swine will trample them and then turn on you! If you can find something to praise, do it. Honest compliments can sooth a savage beast.

Libra - Oct 17- Nov 16:  HC 17,18 you have more energy than most. It’s also relatively easy for you to move mountains in the next few weeks. There is an element of surprise socially or personally this week. Hope you enjoy it.

Scorpio- Nov 17 - Dec 16: HC 18,19,20 use your extra energy for work and play. Communications pick up. Respond quickly, even if it’s to say you have to research it or think about it. Meet irritation with healing balm.

Sagittarius- Dec 16- Jan 14: Responsibility catches up to all of us. HC 20,21,22 show your immediate circle and the the larger group that you always do the best with what you have. People will remember what you do and say this month.

Capricorn - Jan 14-Feb 13: Keep practicing, making adjustments or studying. Whatever it is that will put you in the strongest position to show what you know when the time comes. HC 23,24,25 plan what you’ll do the end of June.

Aquarius- Feb 13- March 14: You’re ideals as well as opinions are being challenged. Instead of digging in your heels, step into position to find out more. You may come away with more resolve than before. Or you might find a different perspective.

What’s this?

These horoscopes are written for the sidereal sun signs using the stars and not the seasons for calculation.

It’s helpful to read your sidereal rising sign if you know it.

HC and LLC are abbreviations for High Cycle and Lay Low Cycle. These days don’t guarantee things will go well or worse, but are more of an indication of your personal physical and emotional operational levels. Back in the day, we used to call these biorhythms.