Nov 8, 1998, 4:22 am, Clifton VA

Question: Will I be happier in a new apartment downtown for a higher price or an older apartment for a lower price further away from downtown. Move in day September 2, 2019 in Savannah, Georgia. Only a 1 year temporary home.

Summary Answer: You want to make sure you are near a church, temple or meditative area of spiritual renewal and far away from any place that can corrupts your body, soul or mind, or for that matter, prone to flooding. Starting Sep 26, 2019 you start a new personal chapter of how your persona is perceived and how you see the world. Starting Nov 5, 2019 the environment you wake and the last thing you see before your head hits the pillow will set up your expectations of personal living standards for a long time to come. Given your age, I expect you’re in college, so I will mention that until Jan 2020 you experience some continuing emotional or physical hardships concerning home that started in Oct 2017. Use those feelings and lessons learned from this time period to emphasis and prioritize what really matters when you think HOME. When you begin looking, the price and uptown or downtown aren’t as as important as a home that is peaceful, organized, allowing for orderly routines, and a place you are comfortable and safe with casual or power socializing. Thanks for providing your time, it makes it easier to determine the nuances that make you happy.

Astro Answer:

1) Transiting Neptune conjunct Natal Jupiter in her Aquarius 6th House, her body, emotional and mental state will take a double hit to any stress or intoxicant or poor food choice.

2) Transiting Mars in Leo gets to Virgo and her 1st House on Sep 26.

3) Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius has been going through her 4th House and won’t move into Capricorn, and thus her 5th House using the Whole Sign House system.

4) Virgo Rising, which also means a Virgo 1st House in the Whole Sign House System, 2nd House Sun and Venus in Libra, Pluto and Mercury in Scorpio in Natal 3rd House.