Ask a Question?


Ask a Question?


The more accurate information you give, the more accurate answers you’ll get.

For this type of forum, where the answer is public, time restraints do not allow in-depth research, and you will not be contacted personally to be asked for additional details about your situation to clarify the situation, ask general questions.


How can communicate with someone?

Supply that person’s birth date and year along with yours, and I’ll compare the two communication styles.

Why does that person irritate me or why I’ve got such a crush?

Again, supply the other person’s birth date and year along with yours and I’ll take a look.

Should I take a new job or move to a new place?

Rephrase either of these questions in terms of timing for new beginnings for a job or home.

What kind of career should I have?

Again, rephrase the question to what natural skills do you have that are worth developing for economical or personal gain. You could have a day-job to make ends meet and have a fulling entertainment or volunteer in your leisure time. Both have value.


Does he love me?

If you don’t know, how would anyone else. However you can ask : What do we have in common that can be a foundation for a healthy relationship, what is our best method for communication, or what will drive each other crazy if we don’t nip it in the bud?

Lucky lottery number for me?

No lucky numbers to be found here. There is an entire branch of astrology dedicated to gambling, but it requires effort and record keeping on your part. Let me suggest if you are interested in this, put in the time and effort required to find these answers for yourself.

And let me add the caveat, FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, so you don’t make a major life decision based compleatly on the information provided that you see on the ANSWERS page in blog format from a complete stranger based on scant information.

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