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July 10, 1992, 9:15 CDT, Fort Worth TX

Question: I have a BA in Arts and Social Change. I enjoy teaching art and poetry and have had some minor success doing both. Right now I'm bouncing around walking dogs and house sitting. How do I get back to a career in the arts that will make a positive impact on society?

Summary Answer: Good question at this time. You’ve got three more weeks to get your goals on paper and the plans to bring them to fruition. You didn’t mention if you had a teaching certificate or have applied to be a substitute teacher. If you haven’t, do it. No objections please. No blame. No shame for the crooked road that got you to where you are now. You can work for yourself later. Right now make a big social impact by teaching young minds. You could also do very well teaching art as therapy to people in hospitals, or veterans with PTSD. Don’t hesitate getting qualifications needed. And get your applications filled out and submitted. By early Nov. 2019 you should have substantial employment in your chosen field. Focus and make it happen.

Astro Answer:

1) She has transiting Mars in the middle of her 1st Whole Sign House of Cancer.

2) Cancer Rising, and the Rule of her Virgo 3rd House, Mercury in Cancer in her 1st House makes her a natural teaching school age children.

3) Her Gemini Sun is in the 12 House, and natal Mars in Aries in her 10th House.

4) Transiting Jupiter now in Scorpio will move to her Sagittarius 6th House Nov 5, 2019

April 12th, 1993 12:30pm Providence, RI

Question: How can I communicate better with my sibling, November 22, 1995 Providence, RI?

Summary Answer: Even without have your sibling’s birth time, it’s easy to see that this is a person that can easily be described as “still waters run deep”. Not one to blabber thoughts or emotions, unless born between 7:20 - 9:50 am EDT, willy nilly. You may be thinking, yes, but we are siblings and I love him/her, so he/she should feel safe talking to me. As you are someone that communicates through your gut and heart, using the expression “ I feel…” instead of “ I think….” when giving your opinion, you see the emotions swirling in them which doesn’t always match the words coming from them and wonder why the communications aren’t more open. Add to that, you are the younger of the two of you. There might be a bit of the elder is suppose to lead and take care of, not relate as equals psychology going on. Also, this is a person who melds with their activities and people in their immediate environment- so if it’s good it’s very, very good, and if its bad it’s horrid.

So, even if it feels superficial, start with what you have in common. Conversations that center on ideals rather than ideas. Discuss what could make this the best or most just or utopian activity, person , place or thing. Doesn’t matter if it’s chocolate cake, a sport or any art form.

When the conversations get heavier, agree to disagree, but really take time to hear what is being said. Be emotionally honest, and make the space for them to be just as honest. Unless it becomes abusive, if each of you speaks a few raw perceptions, you may be able to understand how the other one sees it from their very different vantage point. Abusive comments shut both of you down quickly.

If it’s painful memories from the past, and somehow you are a reminder of it, that puts up communication barriers, forgive on your end and hope they can do the same. Then live in the present. Approach this person as if they are someone you just met and find very interesting. But don’t be surprised if it takes them a while to open up.

Astro Answer:

1) Older sibling has Natal Sun, Mercury, Pluto conjunct and Jupiter and possibly Moon in Scorpio. Scorpio was rising between 7:20-9:50 am EDT using Whole House Signs. Younger sibling has Sun, Part of Fortune, MC, Venus Retrograde and Mercury in Pisces in the 9th House, as well as Cancer Rising.

2) With all their planets in the water signs Pisces and Scorpio, they both have three planets each in Sagittarius. The younger has the Moon, Neptune and Uranus in Sagittarius in the 6th House. The older has Venus, Mars and Neptune in Sagittarius.

3) An onslaught of water (Pisces, Scorpio ) and the fury of fire (Sagittarius) don’t mix well. Keeping both under control will ensure safety for all.

4) Both have Saturn in Aquarius, and the older sibling’s Chiron is congest the younger sibling Jupiter in the younger’s 3rd house.

November 8, 1998, 4:22 am, Clifton VA

Question: Will I be happier in a new apartment downtown for a higher price or an older apartment for a lower price further away from downtown. Move in day September 2, 2019 in Savannah, Georgia. Only a 1 year temporary home.

Summary Answer: You want to make sure you are near a church, temple or meditative area of spiritual renewal and far away from any place that can corrupts your body, soul or mind, or for that matter, prone to flooding. Close to a theatre or performance arts space will also lift your spirits. Starting Sep 26, 2019 you start a new personal chapter of how your persona is perceived and how you see the world. Starting Nov 5, 2019 the environment you wake and the last thing you see before your head hits the pillow will set up your expectations of personal living standards for a long time to come. Given your age, I expect you’re in college, so I will mention that until Jan 2020 you experience some continuing emotional or physical hardships concerning home that started in Oct 2017. Use those feelings and lessons learned from this time period to emphasis and prioritize what really matters when you think HOME. When you begin looking, the price and uptown or downtown aren’t as as important as a home that is peaceful, organized, allowing for orderly routines, and a place you are comfortable and safe with casual or power socializing. Thanks for providing your time, it makes it easier to determine the nuances that make you happy.

Astro Answer:

1) Transiting Neptune conjunct Natal Jupiter in her Aquarius 6th House, her body, emotional and mental state will take a double hit to any stress or intoxicant or poor food choice.

2) Transiting Mars in Leo gets to Virgo and her 1st House on Sep 26.

3) Transiting Saturn in Sagittarius has been going through her 4th House and won’t move into Capricorn, and thus her 5th House using the Whole Sign House system.

4) Virgo Rising, which also means a Virgo 1st House in the Whole Sign House System, 2nd House Sun and Venus in Libra, Pluto and Mercury in Scorpio in Natal 3rd House.