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Not yet, but hopefully by the end of April, you'll be able to ask Debs the Horoscope Lady a question that will answered in the blog under Answers to Questions.

The format will be Your Birth Date, time and place, the question, then the answer. On one side will be the general public answer. The other side of the page will be chock full of astrology speak for those who want to learn sidereal astrology. Your privacy is insured unless you tell people that you asked the question, go look at Deb's site and they know your birth information. There are 7 billion people on this planet, more than one has your birth date, time and yes, even place. So even if you haven't asked a question, you might want to check out the blog to see if it's useful to you.

birth date in Month-Day-Year format *
birth date in Month-Day-Year format