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Gemini wants to know ¡¡ãWhat-cha-thinking?¡¡À And hope you don¡¯t take to long to tell them¡­  there¡¯s so much to find out, so much to say, so little time to do it.  A Sun Sign Gemini selects experiences and things for themselves that are multifunctional (sleeper sofa), allows for as much thought-sharing as possible (telegraph, telephone, tele-gemini), and is adaptable (dishes that go from freezer, to microware, to the table).

Gemini 2005 Zodiac Dates
Sidereal: Jun 15-Jul 15; Tropical: May 21-Jun 20

Gemini Symbol
Gemini beyond the Sun Tab
You might recognize a bit of this pair of social jabber-jaws in yourself even if Gemini doesn¡¯t sound like your core personality.  That¡¯s because your birth chart, a snapshot of the planets at the time of your birth, may have other planets in the constellation Gemini.  Did it take you three years to utter your first words, but you haven¡¯t stopped talking since?  That would be Mercury (with Saturn) in Gemini.  Do you send out notes of thanks, get well or just-thinking-about-you cards on a habitual basis?  Venus in Gemini does that and will even have their own special stationary.  Do you define bliss as being among simpatico types with a full dance card, everyone talking?  Jupiter spends a year toe-tapping in Gemini.  Look for clusters of certain ages at 12 year intervals forming the nucleus of intimate social groups.

In addition, astrologers can glean insights into your personality based on where the constellation Gemini falls in your birth chart.  The place in your life where your thoughts are like quicksilver with an overtone of whimsy is shown by where the constellation Gemini is in your birth chart.  Are you the sales person everyone trusts and happily recommends?  You could have Gemini as your 2nd house.  Are your dinner parties lively, talkative and stimulating?  Sounds like Gemini as your 5th house.  Do people tell you their fears?  Do they confess or confide in you and you believe they are helped by it?  You could have Gemini as your 8th house.

The Gemini in You Tab
One way to find out where Gemini falls in your birth chart is to order one of our custom birth chart key chains.  We¡¯ll show you where the planets were at the time of your birth and include a personality reading based on your birth chart.  We recommend that you select the Sidereal zodiac and the Whole Sign house system.

To know which zodiac, sidereal or tropical, describes the real you, we suggest you take our Zodiac Challenge.  We¡¯ll show your birth chart using the two different zodiacs.  First, we will show your birth chart using the Tropical zodiac and the Placidus house system.  Then, we¡¯ll show your birth chart using the Sidereal zodiac and the Whole Signs house system.  The difference is eye-opening.  Each birth chart comes with a personality reading so you can compare for yourself which zodiac works better for you.  The challenge is especially important if you have a birth date that crosses zodiac boundaries.  For example, if you were born on May 25, tropically you would be a Gemini; but, you would be a Taurus in the Sidereal zodiac.

The advantage of taking our zodiac challenge is that it gives you more knowledge.  You can compare for yourself which zodiac and which house system works better for you.  Then, you can ask your astrologer to use it.  If you don¡¯t have an astrologer, we recommend our astrologer Deborah Dillard.  She will tell you that she switched to the Sidereal zodiac simply because it was far more accurate in the timing of events and the describing of personalities.

Whether nor not you really are a Gemini may depend on which zodiac you use;
Click here to learn more about this "hot topic."

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